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A workplace bot designed to help HR and corporate culture professionals to gain insights into the emotional state of employees.

Category: UX/UI Design, Design Research

Team: Stephanie Gamble, Pantea Parsa, Felix Ho

My role: Digital and physical prototyping, User interview, User testing, User journey mapping, Insight generation

Timeline: 4 month

“How might we help HR or Culture Professionals make a case for investing in productive, engaged work environment?”

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Hazel is employee-focused, providing easily read data and information gathered by surveys to generate actionable suggestions which prevent breakdowns in workplace culture.


After identifying stakeholders, and conducting interviews relating to the subject matter from the stakeholder map, the group chose to design a solution to help HR and Culture Professionals better understand the emotional landscape of their workplace culture.

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“Throughout that whole job I felt like my heart wasn’t in it. I didn’t believe in the company and I didn’t feel like the work they were doing was important or impactful.” -Sara Radin

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Questions are focused around team dynamics, workload, work-life balance, and communication.


Employees are incentivized to take the survey by accumulating points towards rewards and through participation in the simulated office space, Hazelville.

Hazelville is a virtual simulation of an office space that doubles as a data visualization tool,

displaying the results of the biweekly survey.

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The employee’s survey responses generate a hedgehog avatar representing the overall emotional state of the employees.

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It also pairs the results with actionable suggestions for how to address any areas of concern. These actions are short-term fixes to immediate issues that have arisen in the workplace culture.

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Hazel aggregates the information into easy to read visuals that focus on general themes about how employees are feeling about communication, office mood, collaboration and workload.

Research Process

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Iterations, user test

Iterations, user test