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Product Design-IoT

Neda is an interactive picture frame helps parents and grandparents, who may are have a hard time working with technology, to connect with their loved ones—regardless of where they live.

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A smart picture frame that helps those who may have a hard time working with technology to connect with their loved ones — regardless of where they live.

Category: Product design, UX design, Smart objects

Methods: Physical prototyping, Arduino

Time period: 3 weeks

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I am among four grandchildren, and created Neda to keep my grandmother connected with her grandchildren. I created a picture frame with a button above each picture. Whenever my grandmother wants to talk to one of us — or just misses us — she simply presses a button. The button lights up the picture of that grandchild, and they receive an Email that says “Your grandma misses you; call her.”

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When you receive the notification, you can respond by clicking a button,  lighting up the frame — drawing attention to it — letting the person know that you will be calling them shortly. This is ideal for people who have trouble hearing the phone ring, and therefore noticing the call.

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Neda is a IoT device, using an Arduino wireless board, and IFTTT applets. 

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Instructions on how to make this frame have been featured on