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An app designed to help people to overcome their fears by gradually getting exposed to them.

Category: UX/UI Design

Methods: branding, digital prototyping, Storyboarding

Timeline: 7 weeks

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Sofree started off with a self exploration and was inspired by the struggles that designers go through in their creative process which is often caused by the fear of failure.Sofree allows the user to pick the fear that they are struggling with, gives them a complete explanation about what that fear is, and the potential reasons that caused it. Then, it gives users prompts that starts from easy to difficult in order to face them with that particular fear. Also, to make it more playful, it encourages the user to make their own worst case scenario and go as far as they can until the fear gets too abstract or absurd in their minds. 

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 It pairs with a decorative safety pin that serves as a symbol for the user’s commitment to finishing the process, and as an element that secretly unites  people who are using the app. 

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User Journey Map

Photographer: Brock Elbank

Photographer: Brock Elbank