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An app, and an online platform to record yourself singing while taking a shower and compete based on the number of votes you get from other participants.

Category: UX/UI design

Methods: Digital prototyping, Rapid sketching, story boarding

Timeline: 8 weeks



After creating a profile, you receive a list of daily songs from different genres, the lyrics and a prompt to record yourself singing in the shower. Users can then post their recordings to their stories for others to comment on.  


WetBeat emphasizes on keeping user’s anonymity by allowing people to choose between a variety of customized avatars

“A form of intimacy can be experienced in online interactions.”

Internet Interventions, Anna M. Lomanowska, MatthieuJ.Guitton

Recent advances in digital communication has caused a major change in human interactions, and the experience of interpersonal relationships. Wetbeat creates an opportunity to nurture interaction in an online context through music.


Wetbeat Lab, an extension to the app, is a website designed to emphasize the importance of socializing in an online context. The Lab allows people to audition, give and receive feedback, and attend events and pop-ups.

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